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        It is impossible to imagine world that surrounds us without sounds of nature and human activity endless flow, and every moment of this flow is unique. Human snapping up and combining few of main notes from this waterfall creates new and newer music compositions that magically touch our soul...
        Human taught how to process, amplify and save pleasing audio information with the help of technical tools. But technics is just a technics anyway, and often by the way to our ears a part of this information distorts or loses... Desire to create devices that would allow to bring in its entirety without any distorts the sound palette of nature`s and human`s audio creations, made us in 1992 year to start development and manufacturing one the main componets of electronic sound tract - loudspeakers.
        Our devices were designed for the widest range of consumers including professionals and usual lovers of high-qualily sound.
        Preferences of our costumers enabled us to form main requirements to the devices` sounding quality. Loudspeakers that we produce for them every new day and every new year confirm it`s unique characteristics.
        From the very beginning of our activity we concentrated on achievement of the main purpose - sound quality.
Due to many years of experience we insightly know how to make the sound better. We don`t create models in our computer laboratory only, but also manufacture it at our production lines. During the creation of our technological processes we create not loudspeakers only, but the original equipment for it`s manufacturing is created also.
        The major part of work that concerned with the component`s manufacturing, asseblage and mounting of devices is performed by the highly-qualified personnel, but for parameter`s constancy achievement some processes are automated and computerized.
        To possess solutions for manufacturing objects we create modern, highly-productive, specialized lines for component`s mechanical processing, for pressing and moulding components from the plastic, for galvanic and lacquer coveing of components and parts.
        Due to flexible organization of manufacturing lines we can accordingly to requirements of customer modify our scheme of construction or adapt it for the necessary type of products.
        The quality of production, the production capacity, adaptation for costumer`s requirements - all of these factors allowed us to provide optimal "price / quality" ratio.
        High competitiveness of our production confirmed by the great ammount of costumers in Ukraine and abroad.
        Also we provide additional services:
        - repair of loudspeaker`s electrodynamic heads of domestic and foreign producers;
        - manufacturing wide range of parts from plastic (standard parts or original parts that moulded accordingly to the drawings).